Zamy Steynovitz

Polish - Israeli Artist
(1951 - 2000)

Zamy Steynovitz was born in Poland in 1951.  He studied at the Art School, Tel Aviv and at the Royal Academy of London, London, England.  His images are reflections of his Jewish and Eastern European heritage.  One of Israel's most popular artists, he maintained studios in both New York and Tel Aviv.  Widely exhibited, he was honored by Heads of State throughout the world.  His works have been presented by official bodies to President Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Begin, Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama.  He was an ambassador of peace and his works speak of love, joy and the sanctity of family life and all creation.  Some of his works suggest the magic of Chagall brought to life in the colors and style of the present generation.

Zamy worked tirelessly in the creation of paintings, serigraphs and embellished serigraphs, along with the publication of books, calendars and other artistic collectibles, until his untimely passing, in 2000.

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