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The Nelson-Atkins Museum Is Still Closed for Humans, But Three Sophisticated Penguins Just Got a Private Tour (and the Photos Are Adorable)

The animals apparently found Monet passé, but were curious about Caravaggio.

by Tanner West

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Art Schools Play an Essential Role in Supporting the Medical Industry—and That’s Why the Government Must Bail Them Out Now


by Paul Thompson

Dr Paul Thompson, the vice chancellor of the Royal College of Art, says the British government should offer greater support to the country's specialist arts institutions.  

Museums Are Experts at Thinking Long-Term. That’s Why They Must Lead the Fight for a Greener Future—Before It’s Too Late

by  Nick Merriman, August 12, 2020

Art can save us: six of the best creative face masks you can buy now

by Rory Yeates Riddoch

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