Linda Le Kinff

French Artist
(1949 - active)

Linda Le Kinff was born in Paris, France and began her career as a painter at the age of 20.  In the 1970's she traveled to India, Tibet, Mexico and Italy and she worked in Italy for 12 years where she was taught the ancient techniques of tempera, egg painting and the gold leaf method of masters in Florence.  Linda apprenticed in wood and copper engraving and modern techniques of acrylic and airbrush painting.

In 1975 in Paris, Linda learned lithography from the masters of that era and in 1981 she returned to school where learned to use a special material made of casein in painted, polished and varnished woodwork.  She still uses this art in her current techniques.  She began to create serigraphs in the 1980's and has won acclaim for her techniques.  Linda still uses the traditional approach to painting in acrylic on canvas and uses watercolors mixed with greasy pastels and ink which produces a three dimensional look to her art work.  A decade ago she began to use collage in her art.

Linda's portrayal of women in her art work is inspired by the works of Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso and Gustav Klimt, which gives her work dynamic ranges from loneliness to silent and powerful to elegant.

She was selected as the official artist for the 1998 Paris World Cup and the 2010 Kentucky Derby.

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